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PDF publications are offered here as free downloads. The Acrobat PDF is an excellent vehicle for sharing work, providing high quality images with beautiful full-screen presentation.

These PDFs require Adobe Reader Version 7 or later, which is available free from These PDFs will not work properly in your browser, typically the “Full Screen Mode” doesn’t give a true full screen, and the “Quit” command doesn’t work at all. Other navigation errors also can occur. It is best to save the download and then open the PDF in Adobe Reader.

If your computer/browser combo opens the download in the browser, “save as” the download and then re-open using Adobe Reader.

Contact me if you have problems with a download.

The fine print: These PDF’s are offered as free downloads. If you are so inclined, a bit of support would be welcome and appreciated, large or small. Just drop a check to Joan Gentry, P.O. Box 8167, Santa Fe, NM 87504. And thanks!

Available Titles

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