The Anasazi Project


Photographs by Don Kirby and Joan Gentry, Poems and Introduction by Ann Weiler Walka

Perhaps you will be lulled into the Pueblo perception of a world where everything is alive and connected and filled with spirit, including you… Sitting with Joan and Don’s photographs spread on my old library table, I marvel at the way they capture this perception. Much as an x-ray goes beyond the skin to capture bone structure, their visual language reveals a world beneath the surface world, a ground truth of energy gathered temporarily into form. In shades of silver and ebony, lightening flashes on cresting sandstone, flames leap, the deluge descends. The play of light and shadow, the tracings of water and wind offer metaphors for spirit, metamorphosis, migration. The photographs imply all this and more.
—From the Introduction by Ann Weiler Walka

Hardcover, 12×13, 80 pages, 60 duotone plates.

Signed copies available, contact Joan.

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