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20160014DC Sunset, NM  2016 20160025DC Cloud Dance, NM  2016 20160033DC Cloud Dance No.2, NM  2016 20160038DC Winter Sunset, NM  2016 20160039DC Soft Clouds  2016 20160090DC On The Wall  2016 20160098DC Evening Clouds, NM  2016 20160153DC Vector Clouds, NM  2016 20160158DC Board Fence, NM  2016 20160165DC Warehouse 21 Entrance, NM  2016 20160177DC White Place Clouds No.1, NM  2016 20160185DC White Place Clouds No.2, NM  2016 20160230DC El Malpais No.1, NM  2016 20160237DC El Malpais No.2, NM  2016 20160249DC El Malpais No.3, NM  2016 20160271DC El Malpais No.4, NM  2016 20160329DC El Malpais No.4, NM  2016 20160338DC El Malpais No.5, NM  2016 20160341DC El Malpais No.6, NM  2016 20160356DC Rock Form, El Morro, NM  2016 20160357DC Waterhole, El Morro, NM  2016 20160397DC Bluff, Bluff, Utah 20160446DC Dancing Clouds  2016 20160447DC Comb Ridge, UT  2016 20160451DC Morning Clouds  2016 20160454DC Pedernal, NM  2016 20160498DC Lone Tree, Tent Rocks, NM  2016 20160499DC Tall Tree, Tent Rocks, NM  2016 20160506DC Wall Llight, Tent Rocks, NM  2016 20160536DC Untitled  2016 20160548DC Untitled  2016 20150856DC Ferrari 20151188D Galisteo Basin Clouds 20151291DC 1958 Chevrolet 20151327D Chevrolet Impala 20151333D 1947 Kurtis-Kraft Stretched Midget 20151414DC NM Aspens No.1 20151426DC NM Aspens No.2 20151431DC NM Aspens No.3 2015247DC Otero Mesa Clouds, NM 2015 20150004DC Jemez Sunset, NM 2015 20150081DC Ocean Cove, 2015 20150106DC Red Clouds No.1, NM 2015 20150117D Snow Shadows, 2015 20150132DC Sundown, 2015 20150137DC Red Clouds No.2, NM 2015 20150167DC Sangre Clouds, NM 2015 20150243DC Otero Mesa Clouds No.2, NM 2015 20150254DC Streaking Clouds, NM 2015 20150372DC Clouds over Lime Ridge, Utah 2015 20150391DC Moki Dugway, Utah 2015 20150395DC On Muley Point, NM 2015 20150403DC Muley Point Squall, Utah 2015 20150406DC Squall over San Juan, Utah 2015g 20150416DC Pinacle, Garden of the Gods, Utah 2015 20150456DC Sand IslandSunset, 2015 20150458DC Cedar Mesa Sunset, NM 2015 20150467DC Dancing Clouds, UT  2015 20150531DC Jemez Storm,NM 2 2015 20150533DC San Juan River, UT 2015 20150540DC Water Spout, Comb Ridge, UT  2015 20150559DC Comb Ridge No.1, Utah 2015 20150560DC Comb Ridge No.2, Utah 2015 20150626DC San Juan Spire, UT 2015 20150641DC Rising Clouds, UT 2015 20150650DC Old Cottonwood, UT  2015 20150680DC Utah Clouds No.2, 2015 20150693DC Red Mesa Clouds, AZ 2015 20150699DC Western NM Clouds #2  2015 20150704DC Western NM Clouds, 2015 20150709D Ship Rock, Storm 2015 20150711D NM Clouds, 2015 20150797DC NM Evening Clouds No.1 2015 20150798DC NM Evening Clouds No.2 2015 20150822DC NM Evening Clouds No.3 2015 20150824DC NM Evening Clouds No.4 2015 20150826DC NM Evening Clouds No.5 2015 20150830DC NM Evening Clouds No.6 2015 20150847DC NM Evening Clouds No.7 2015 20150850DC NM Evening Clouds No.8 2015 20151086DC NM Evening Clouds No.9 2015 060B04 Dune Swoosh 2014091DC Sacred Place, NM, 2014 2014141DC Sunset, Alto, NM, 2014 2014443 Cathedral Valley, NV, 2014 2014446 Waterflow, Cathedral Valley, NV, 2014 2014506DC Catherdral Valley, NV, 2014 2014526DC Mono Lake, CA, 2014 2014533 Mono Lake, CA. 2014 2014882DC Face Rock, OR, 2014 2014903DC Face Rock, Sunset, OR, 2014 2014930DC Face Rock, Fog, OR, 2014 2014933DC Face Rock Calm, OR, 2014 20141053D Bridge, Florence, OR, 2014 20141330DC Church, Abiquiu, NM 2014 20141345DC Fall, Chama River, NM, 2014 201301005DF Window Blind Peak, UT, 2013 201304202DF Bodega Church, CA, 2013 57C(2) Death Valley Swoosh 2002-26(3) Wheatcountry 200501713 Light in Forest II 1996017011 Hickman Arch 059A03 Umpqua Dunes and Clouds 2009024004 Cape Arago Trees 2011006002 A Bridge to Nowhere 1998-34B(3) Umpqua Dunes 2008F03(4)T Fort Pierre Grasslands 2008009005T Grassland Waves 2008010001T Grasstrack 2008020005T Umpqua Fog 2009007006T Latourell Falls III 2009010003T Latourell Falls With Rock 1998041B07 Posey Lake 2009-8(1)T Latourell Falls II 2009010002 Multnoma Falls 2004012B01 Aspen Ridge 2005017010 Light in Forest I 054B01 Bandon Reflection 2000025A05 Summer Breeze II 2001054012 Desert Waltz 05A01(01) Winsor Creek 40B(1) Death Valley Dunes 53A(5) Stalactite Drapery 60D(5) Evening Light 064E02 White River Falls 1998-43(2) Bryce Overlook 2004-13(10) Ozark Morning


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