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Archival Pigment Ink Prints

Archival Pigment Ink prints are produced in the sizes noted below. Prints are mounted and window matted.

Pigment Ink prints include images from scanned film negatives as well as from digital capture. On the website, Pigment Ink prints from digital capture have suffixes of D or DC, those from negative scans have a DF suffix.

Gelatin Silver Prints

From 1974 through 2013, Joan Gentry produced an extensive collection of gelatin silver prints in a traditional wet darkroom using conventional enlarging techniques. These prints remain available for purchase. At the end of 2013 Joan discontinued working in a traditional wet darkroom. Prints from the gelatin silver inventory remain available--on the website they are identified by the file numbers with no added letter(s). Archival Pigment versions of these prints are available at Pigment Ink prices.

Basic gelatin silver retail prices are shown below. Specific print prices depend upon the print condition, vintage, and the total number of prints remaining of that specific image. For detailed information regarding any particular image, please contact Joan using the contact info below.

Print size (inches) Mat SizeLimited Edition Quantity Pigment InkGelatin Silver
20"x24" 28"x32"special order/select images$600 $1200
16"x20" 22"x28"Not Limited$425 $850
11"x14" 16"x20"Not Limited$325 $650
8"x10" 11"x14"Not Limited$275 $550


*A Gelatin Silver PhotoBlot© is a one-of-a-kind photographic print usually made without negatives, sometimes using photogram elements—and occasionally even a negative is used. The resulting print is an abstract image with exciting geometric patterns.

**Pigment Ink PhotoBlots© are made from scans of the Gelatin Silver prints and are not limited.


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